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Good Food. Good People. Good Conversation.

Incomparable Cuisine and Impeccable Customer Service – that's all there is to The Original's upscale casual style.

Though the US is not currently under prohibition, the current restaurant population on the East side of Milwaukee has been restricted to gastropubs, fast casual, bar food and chain restaurants. No password is needed to join the diverse array of diners, but the secret of the city's newest hot-spot may not stay secret for long!

The Original aims to create an atmosphere where guests can enjoy themselves and speak easy. Pretentiousness is checked at the door. You could be seated next to the Mayor or your kid's babysitter. There are no judgements here - politics, religion and all controversy aside - everone loves a great meal!

Being set slightly off the beaten path (1 blk E. of Oakland Ave. and 3 blks N. of North Ave.), The Original maintains the essence of blending into the neighborhood while being in the hub of Milwaukee's active and eclectic Eastside. 

We continue the speak easy tradition of hyper-local sourcing our spirits and beer. With multiple craft distilleries in the area such as Twisted Path, Central Standard and Great Lakes Distillery we procure cutting-edge and one-of-a-kind spirits. In combination with Bittercube Bitters and Dock 18, we serve some of Milwaukee's most cleverly crafted cocktails.

Diners today are flooded with a plethora of chain restaurants that have little variation in style, and quick-service outlets with low-quality offerings. The focus on expediency and overabundance of technology distract customers from enjoying their meal and their companions company. While the meals may be “fast and easy”, customers are never truly satiated.

With the closure of long-standing establishments like John Ernst Café, Butch’s Old Casino Steakhouse and Karl Ratzsch, Milwaukee is lacking in venues that provide diners with memorable high-quality dining experiences.

The Original remidies this with a high-quality focus on a night out for an upscale yet leisurely, casual and unique dining experience. The finest hyper local talent, food and spirits in Milwaukee will make diners feel at home at The Original.

Incomparable Cuisine

Savory and exciting, clever and complex, familiar yet unexpected – the thoughtfully crafted, unique, monthly rotating menu is key to pique interest and generate curiosity among diners, time and again.

Impeccable Customer Service

In addition to providing a memorable meal, service staff are building relationships with their guests so they feel welcome and at home, and want to share that experience with their friends and family.