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The Original, Original.

Being over 120 years old this establishment has seen a lot through the years. Constructed in 1985 it has an rich history that our family plans to add many chapters to in the years to come.

 1895   Building constructed
 1920's-1930's    Weathered prohibition serving soft-drinks!
 Mid-1940's  High Corner Bar
 1979   Al Calderone Club (read more)
 2005  The Red Dot (read more)
 2017  The Original (read more)

The establishment, previously known as the Red Dot, was formerly owned and operated by Martin Beaudoin, who's carried the Red Dot name to a new location in Wauwatosa, WI to focus his passion on live music and entertainment. 

The name The Original pays homage to his support . The “red dot” found on the tile of the main entryway will be preserved in tribute. While in purchase negotiations Marty explained that while he operated both establishments his family fondly referred to this building as “The Original Red Dot”. 

The Original also embodies the deeper concept the Rzepka brothers have in opening this first restaurant. Not only is it The Original restaurant for them, it's also the flagship to their developing plans for the Wild Turnip Hopsitality Group.